Donate Laptops

LaptopA great way of giving is to send us those old laptop computers you no longer need.

Ideally these should be in working order, though we will try to refurbish them if the cost of doing this is not too great. Our friends in Tanzania are able to use old technology which we have discarded for being too slow or not able to do the latest thing. They are an enormous help to those whom we are encouraging in education and those who have the ambition to start a small business. They also help the churches in administration tasks and communication with us in the UK. Our Tanzanian friends are really good at keeping these in good repair and will get a lifetime of use from refurbished equipment.
Some people consider buying a new computer to donate for this purpose, and of course we are profoundly grateful for such generosity, but please bear in mind that your donation could buy a number of used computers refurbished to a high standard and as such would benefit more individuals. Donating the money to enable us to buy PCs ensures your aims are fulfilled and of course a money donation is eligible for gift aid so your gift could go even further towards this goal.
We are sometimes asked about desktop computers, however the cost of getting these to Tanzania is too great so we cannot accept these.

If there is someone who would like to head-up this work and co-ordinate the collecting and checking of computers, this would be a real blessing. Contact us by e mail or ring Ruth on 07854 688373