******LATEST******HEALTH CENTRE OPENING IN MAY 2018*******LATEST********

Get Involved

Fund Raiser required:

If you have the enthusiasm and are gifted in fund-raising we would like to hear from you Speak to Ruth (o7854 688373)

Annual Medical Trip (including the OPENING  of the HEALTH CENTRE)

We need Doctors and Nurses from the UK to go with us to Tanzania and join the Tanzania family in sharing the Dodoma experience and to provide education and medical care in preparation for the establishment of a new medical centre!!!
The next trip is planned for……18th May – 2nd June 2018

Invitation to Come

We welcome anyone who feels God’s calling to join in the partnership with the Dodoma Church. This invitation is only open to Christians as this is a requirement placed on us by our Tanzanian hosts.

We will stay at the pastor’s house and join in family and church life, as well as serve them through our voluntary work.

The cost of the two weeks is self funded and depends on the flight cost, but we will try to keep it as close to £1000 as possible. Don’t be deterred by the cost if you prayerfully feel you should be coming – we will help you to fund-raise if needed.

We only have 8-10 places, so please pray carefully if you wish to come. Please let Ruth know soon if you would like to come. We would like a non-refundable deposit of £100, payable to the Trust,to confirm your place.


Interested? Speak to Ruth! (07854 688373)