Health Centre

          October 2016 ready for the roof

Following on from very successful medical trips in 2014 and 2015, where we were able to provide simple health care training to 30 plus volunteers, the church in Dodoma has challenged us to help them build a new health centre to provide free medical services to people who otherwise cannot afford even the most basic medical needs.

The situation in Tanzania is dire. There is only one doctor per 52000 of population, the lowest rate in Africa. This compares to 1 per 420 of population in the UK. A simple medicine may cost as much as a months food supply. There is no such thing as free medical care.

This is an ambitious project for which the initial set up cost will be £95,000. We need to raise in excess of one hundred thousand pounds to cover contingencies such as variable exchange rates, etc.

Health Centre

                                Artist’s Impression

We will be working in partnership with the church in Dodoma and Dr. Motto, Tanzanian doctor, who has a vision to see this kind of medical service made available to all and this is being undertaken with the approval of the Tanzania government.

We very much need your help and support to achieve this goal. If you are a Doctor or Nurse, consider joining us for our next medical trip in 2017. Please consider giving what you can to this project. Donate now. If you want somebody to come and talk to your club, church, medical practice or other group, please let us know.