Sponsor a Doctor


                     The new “Tazama na Tunza Dispensary” Dodoma


We are seeking sponsors for our Health Centre which opened in June 2018. This has been a venture of faith and hope. Our vision is that the Health Centre will be a centre of trust-worthy excellence for care and a pioneering work bringing Health Education and visiting the sick in the community together. Our focus is on the poor with on-going conditions. As in all underdeveloped countries, people do not seek medical help until it is almost too late, due to fear, cost and culture. We are seeking start to reverse this in Dodoma; to be Jesus’s heart, hands and feet in the community.


We raised the £123,000 to build the Health Centre in 4 years. In Tanzania ALL health has to be paid for by the patients at ALL times (the exceptions being the under-fives, TB and HIV). Health services in Tanzania are one of the two poorest in the world, and range from Government to Privately run, with both asking the patients to pay for everything from registering at the hospital to seeing the Doctor, tests, treatments, hospital stay etc .

The Tazama na Tunza Dispensary offers cheap, trustworthy care with Health Education and the offer of a home visit if the family are very poor, suffering, or needing spiritual support.     To see a Doctor is just 34 pence (1000 Tanzanian shillings).                                                                                                 

When we opened the Health Centre, the Director of Public Health for Tanzania came and announced that we are a model of modern practice!” Now we can see why healthcare is so difficult in Tanzania: as the red tape and tick boxes to move forward are so complex e.g. separate rooms for injections and dressings, having to register (and pay) for so many different clinic functions e.g. family planning, diabetes – which our own GP surgeries do automatically.  However this is God’s work, not ours; so in Him we trust as we move forward. We hope to be self-sustaining in 2 years, and are actively working to have Health Insurance patients attending (whose footfall will help our poorer patients) and a “mothers and babies” clinic (which sadly needs an initial outlay as apparently they have to have a separate annexe!)                                                                                                          

If you would like to help support us: we have 2 doctors, 1 Pharmacist, 2 Laboratory Technicians, 1 nurse and 2 Health Care Assistants/Cleaners. They all love Jesus and are good medical workers, giving beyond what is expected of them. We did a 6 month review in November and they were all working so well, the patients were coming back to thank the staff for their care. Some amazing stories have come out, where other bigger hospitals have failed them, through lack of care or knowledge, yet they have recovered at our little Health Centre. Thank you Jesus.                                                                                                                                  

So, if you would like to support us with £20 a month; or even £137 a month to pay for a Doctor or £120 to pay for our nurse Naomi, that would be wonderful. Thank you already for those of you who have started to give monthly; may God reward you. To God be the glory.

Coop Bank details: 08-92-99, account number 65382637) Tanzania (UK) Trust Ruth 07854688373