About us

aboutusOur Christian beliefs about caring for others in need underpin our desire to work in partnership with churches in Tanzania to bring encouragement, support and relief, and we regard ourselves as one big family working together.

Here in the UK we are have the means to send money, resources and people with pratical skills in fields such as water provision, building and healthcare to our friends in Tanzania in order that they can meet the needs of the community.  Our aim is to provide resources that will prove to be self- sustaining.

Our partners in Tanzania show great love and caring to our teams by taking into their homes and hearts when we visit and have themselves been enabled to come to the UK from time to time to share news of the work being undertaken and to encourage us. 

We do not regard ourselves as missionaries.  We work alongside the churches in Tanzania as they seek to bring support to those in need in their community, regardless of faith.  We also go to learn.  Tanzanian churches are experiencing a period of growth and are winning the respect of the community they serve.  How many of churches in the UK can say this about themselves?  So we go in humility with a willingness to serve and learn from them, hoping that the work being done there will enrich the lives of us all.  In particular, they have taught us much about reliance on God and how to pray.