Vision and Aims

For the local church and community in UK, to partner with the local church and community in Tanzania, in meeting needs and sharing the love of God.

The aims of the charity are:

  • To encourage the church in partnership in Tanzania and UK
  • For the churches to pray and grow together
  • To share practical needs, promoting physical and mental health and advancing education and understanding

We are doing this by building relationships with each other with regular trips from UK to Tanzania and Tanzania to UK.

Practically, we are also supporting the church in Tanzania with:

  • Relief of poverty by financial support for the church/church plants
  • Famine relief
  • Drilling wells for water
  • Individual support in education
  • Specific practical needs being met
  • Support in general and health education
  • Helping to build a Health Centre

The Tanzanian church is supporting us with prayer and we hope to develop the teaching trips that their Pastors have made to teach our churches here in UK.