Tanzania UK Trust

Who we are

We are a small Christian Charity working in partnership with local churches in UK and in Tanzania. Our vision is to share God’s love, pray and grow together: meeting practical needs, promoting physical and mental health and advancing education. We have been a charity since 2010. The charity grew from deep family friendships, when for some years from 1990 onwards, a UK family lived in Dodoma, Tanzania. Since 2010, we have had annual group trips to Dodoma, where new friendships and working partnerships have grown up. Individuals from the Tanzania church are also invited and financed to visit UK every other year. This builds up mutual understanding and respect so that the partnership is valid and real.

Our Projects

Our projects and more info and updates on  them

Why is our present focus on health?

Tanzania has a very weak healthcare system, which is challenged by high maternal mortality, child mortality, HIV/AIDS, malaria and pneumonia. The population of Tanzania has some of the worst rates of access to personal healthcare in the world. There is a shortage of medical treatment, resources, health education and health personnel. Life expectancy is 65/69. There is a shortage of medical data coming from Tanzania. Nearly all healthcare has to be paid for, by the patient, at the point of contact. The church we work with says that “mission and healthcare go hand in hand.” In the work we do, we offer trustworthy, cheap medical treatment and also offer to pray for patients, leading many to Jesus and so encouraging church growth and respect, whatever the patient’s background.

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